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Revelry by Peta Crake

cover35118-smallTitle:  Revelry

Series:  N/A

Author:  Peta Crake

Rating:  B

Shifter Revelry Bell is on the run. Pursued by both her pack and the Enforcers of the Preternatural Council, there are few places to hide. When her cash starts dwindling, Revelry picks up work in the small town of Ridgewood, USA. Trouble is, Ridgewood is home to a large shifter community and staying hidden isn’t easy. Particularly with the sexy Connor Blythe home on leave and watching Revelry’s every move. 

Connor is everything Revelry is trying to avoid. A fellow wolf, he is also an Enforcer, and very suspicious of the new girl in town. But when danger and violence rock Ridgewood to its core, Revelry must decide if she can trust him, even if it means losing her freedom – or possibly even her life.

In this action-packed paranormal romance, Peta Crake, the author of Harbinger, weaves an incredible story that will keep the heart rate racing.

Review:  Revelry is a very standard paranormal/shifter book.  You have Revelry, a female wolf who is on the run from her former pack, and Connor who is pretty much the outcast of his and you have a pair that just seems like they would be perfect for each other.  Add in a lot of action within the pages, and multiple villains, and it seems like the perfect recipe for a good book.

But there were a few issues for me.  My biggest one was with Revelry herself.  On one hand, she is portrayed as weak and helpless – yet she’s capable of taking on five different shifters and getting the better of them in a fight.  But really it was just the fact that she was too much of a victim.  She leaves her pack because of abuse, and then winds up the object of a sick stalker.  It’s hard to create a character that is strong yet vulnerable, and in this case it just didn’t work for me. It was also hard for me to see Connor as some sort outcast from his pack, when he is also an Enforcer for the  Preternatural Council.  It seemed to me that if that were the case that he would have more status and acceptance in his pack – if not running it altogether.  They did seem to work together for me, although it took an inordinate amount of time before they finally realized it.  And while they don’t set the pages on fire, you can see them working together romantically.

I don’t mind a lot of action either, but the addition of the stalker just didn’t seem to fit the vibe of the story.  It just seemed a little odd and out of place.  And toward the end, a twist is sort of thrown in, but again – it just didn’t feel right to the story itself.  At times it almost felt as if you were reading two different books that were jumbled together.  I have an idea that the author was trying to leave her options open for the continuation into a possible series.

For me, it was a good book – but one that doesn’t really stand out from all the other paranormal/shifter books out there.


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