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Outback Bride by Louise Reynolds

cover35119-mediumTitle:  Outback Bride

Series:  N/A

Author:  Louise Reynolds

Rating:  C

Legal star Lara Burke has worked hard to escape her country past and is finally on the way to being made a partner at her city law firm. At the worst possible time, her former flame Jake Forester arrives, bringing tragic news from home.

Forced to return to her family property, Jindaburra, Lara must confront her past at the home she loved and lost. But big-sky country and bittersweet memories are not all that await her at Jindaburra.

As Lara’s past and present collide, old passions are rekindled and new connections are formed. And as her visit comes to an end, how will Lara choose between the city life she’s grown to love, and the life she left behind?

Review:  This is a sweet Australian romance about two people who were forced to take two different paths in life, but now, years later, can the recapture the past that was lost to them?  Some of my favorite books have followed this storyline, but for me this one was just a bland re-telling.  It didn’t stand out against some of the other titles I have read along the same lines.  Was it good?  Yes.  Am I going to remember it in the next six months?  Probably not.

Again, the plot is one I am usually fond of – but for me, I just didn’t feel this one.  I didn’t feel like Lara and Jake had this age old love that they had been itching to rekindle.  Nor one that – once the met up again – suddenly flashed back to them and they decided they couldn’t live without each other.  It was more of a ‘uh, ok….he’s here, I’m here…maybe we could make it work’ kind of thing.  Just wasn’t feeling it.  I also thought some of these ‘new connections’ were toned down as well….this could have been a more powerful story that what was written here.

I liked the Aussie feel to the story, I liked seeing Lara return to her roots, and I liked seeing her decide to go back to what she loves.  But with all of these strong emotions she should have been feeling….they just didn’t come across in the story for me.

A good book, but I seen so much more potential for it that what was there.



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