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Xander’s Chance by Lizzy Ford

81j-zLTVLdL._SL1500_Title:  Xander’s Chance

Series:  Damian Eternal #1

Author:  Lizzy Ford

Rating:  B

The most powerful vampire on the planet meets his match in Jessi, a woman immune to his magick – and his charm.  As the single-most powerful vampire on the planet, Xander is the ultimate bored predator with too much time on his hands. He manipulates the minds of immortals for fun and bullies around the Gods, while guarding the secret source of his power, a crystal that can wipe out the planet. But beneath the surface, he’s a shrewd creature who learned the brutal lesson of why there must be a balance between good and evil. An unwilling protector of the playthings known as humans, he knows when and where to use his power – and never to let anyone close enough to betray him. It’s easy to do, since he has the power to read the minds of everyone around him.  Except for one: Jessi, an innocent looking woman with an unusual talent who shows up unexpectedly in his life. Her sudden appearance is too convenient to be coincidence or chance. Xander determines quickly that she was sent by someone, but he can’t read her mind to discover why.  Jessi’s secret – and Xander’s – have the power to forever change the human world. Intrigued by a new sort of challenge, Xander won’t know how much danger he’s in, until he’s placed his fate in the hands of a woman whose betrayal will cost either his heart or his life.

Review:  Xander’s Chance surprised me…the prologue caught my attention, but from chapter one on I was questioning whether or not this title was for me.  It was a bit confusing between all the White God, Black God, Originals, et cetera, et cetera…however, the further the book progressed the more I enjoyed it.  The series is an actual continuation on another series by Lizzie Ford – her “War of Gods” saga.  I wish I had read more of her prior series before I began Xander’s Chance, as I feel that it would have given a lot more insight into the world – and I would have been a bit more prepared for this one and a little less lost.  I think I would also have received even more insight into Xander’s character as well.

However, I have to tell you that this is one of the better done “worlds” I have read when it comes to sci-fi/paranormal romances.  Once you pick up on the complexities of the world, and the important players in it, it turned out to be a really well done novel.  There were some slight undertones reminiscent of  Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I think anyone who has enjoyed her works might appreciate Ford’s tale.  To be honest, I’m surprised that I have not stumbled upon her books before!  Needless to say, I plan on changing that really quick!  I would definitely recommend to any sci-fi/paranormal reader – but particularly those who enjoy a complex world within the story!  Keep in mind though that is promoted as having ‘NO graphic sex scenes’, so if you’re looking for a little erotica mixed in, this book isn’t really your cup of tea.


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