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Ablaze by Morgan Black

cover41920-smallTitle:  Ablaze

Series:  Fireside Series Book #1  (novella)

Author:  Morgan Black

Rating:  D

What if love was like gasoline? Light a match and become engulfed in it’s flame.  Cheyenne is attempting to run into the arm’s of her betrothed Collin, when fate intervenes and she becomes trapped at her family’s cabin with another man. Luke, a ranch hand at her father’s farm, makes her heart race. When the lights go out, she finds herself falling into his arms, and into his bed.

Review:  This book is perfect if you’re looking for the a short length erotic novella about the standard rich girl who sleeps with the ‘hired help’ – in this case one of her father’s ranch hands.  She’s pretty much engaged to an ‘appropriate’ guy – one her family deems worthy of their breeding and class – and she’s been brought up knowing what was expected of her.  She’s always been attracted to Luke however, but not in an “I can’t resist him” kind of way.  She never intended to act on her desire, and certainly not enough to defy her family.

The problem with this story for me, first off, is the length.  It actually seems more like a chapter or two rather than a novella, and the length did not give me enough time to get invested in these characters, or even get to know them really.  What little I learned about them however, I didn’t like.  When they find themselves trapped in a cabin together – snowed in unexpectedly, Cheyenne decides to take advantage of this one opportunity to pretty much get the desire out of her system.  And all I can say, is sex with Luke must be as hot as the cover of this book, because all of sudden Cheyenne does an about face in her attitude.  It’s wrapped up with a very abrupt cliffhanger that is supposed to get you wound up for the next book.

For me, it seemed a little too standard, a little too pat, a little too cliché….and the whole ‘hired help’ fantasy left me rolling my eyes and feeling like I was stuck in a time more suited to the 1800’s rather than the present day.  While I don’t mind that type of fantasy, the tone for this one just turned me off completely.  I think the potential is there, but the execution just missed the mark.


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