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Witch Interrupted by Jody Wallace

cover41138-mediumTitle:  Witch Interrupted

Series:  Shifter World Book #2

Author:  Jody Wallace

Rating:  B

Two decades ago, assassin Katherine Zhang faked her death to escape the Keepers, a secret council of witches who use magic to kill those who pose a threat to their kind. Once a powerful Keeper, she lives a solitary-but peaceful-life as a tattoo artist. Until a strange, handsome lone wolf named Marcus Delgado walks into her shop.

Marcus has his own reasons to hate the Keepers. A scientist who sacrificed himself to test the fragile boundaries between witch and wolf, he believes there’s a way to harness the combustible power between the two species. If he succeeds, he’ll be protected from the Keepers, but he needs a willing partner-and the delicious Katie just might be the perfect test subject.

Katie knows working with a wolf, an adversary she’s undeniably attracted to, is a dangerous proposition…no matter how tempting she finds Marcus’s proposal. But when a common enemy from their past threatens them both, working together might be the only option.

Review:  Witch Interrupted is a very original paranormal novel in which there is just a thin line between witches and werewolves.  Genetically, they are one in the same, however there is a whole story behind what causes witches to devolve into a werewolf.  Once that takes place however, it is impossible for the witch to find their way back to their former selves.  Marcus is seeking to change that.  Deciding to take place in events that lose him his witchy powers, he instead becomes a wolf, using his scientific background to see if he can reverse the changes.  Unfortunately, he needs a witch to help him – and having been betrayed before, he is at a loss as in who he might be able to trust without earning him the Keepers attention.  Enter Katie.  A former Keeper herself, Katie is also on the run – for her very life, and that of her families.  When she crosses paths with Marcus, can the solve the mystery between witches and wolves?

The creation of this whole genetic line linking witches and wolves was very interesting to read, and very original compared to other books I have read, with some amazing world-building.  The characters were all interesting, and it has a great plotline to it.  My only complaint was that it was a bit long winded at times, with the middle getting somewhat repetitive with the whole Katie gets captured by Marcus, she tries to get away – and repeat cycle.  Needless to say, the characters spend at exorbent amount of time not listening to one another and managing to build up a level of trust.  It could have been a bit narrowed down a bit for me, but overall a very good read.  It’s definitely a bit different for those who enjoy a good paranormal tale that is not your stereotypical fanfare.    Even though it’s part of a series, it is very much a stand alone novel, so no worries on that front.


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