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Defensive by J.D. Rivera


Title:  Defensive

Series:  Guarded Book #2

Author:  J.D. Rivera

Rating:  A

Once you find the love of your life, it’s all sunshine and roses, right? Not for most relationships and definitely not for Vanessa Smith and Jackson Berrios.  Vanessa Smith is finally divorced from her awful ex-husband and is in a committed relationship with basketball star, Jackson Berrios. Vanessa’s ex-husband has come back into her life just when she needs a friend. The friendship could complicate the relationship between her and Jackson. Will the couple be able to get through their pasts coming back to the surface? Can two different circumstances tear them apart or sear them together? Will they iron out their problems and have a happily ever after…?

Review:   After reading the first book in this series, I was anxious to get started on this one – particularly as this one is full-length rather than just a novella.  Yet a part of me was also worried that along with the extra length, the author would end up simply drawing the story out – leaving the plot and the characters to suffer.  Thankfully, that was not the case – the characters still maintain the same appeal they had in the first book, yet they find themselves struggling with many obstacles in their relationship.

We get to see a bit more of Vanessa’s ex-husband in this one – which also allows us to see him in a new light.  We learn a bit more about what happened during their relationship, and more on where they went wrong.  We also get to see Jackson a little differently, which is both a good and a bad thing.  We see a bit more of his faults in this book, and it really has you questioning their relationship.  I give props to the author for her writing skill and for creating characters that are really just normal and easy to relate to – and for managing to raise obstacle after obstacle and have us reconsidering what we thought we knew about this relationship.  There are a few things I wish hadn’t happened (stuff I wouldn’t have been able to overlook), but I don’t want to give too much away…;)

If you enjoyed the first one, you simply have to read this one!  And – although you probably can read this one as a stand alone – I definitely recommend reading the first one in the series before this one.


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