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Queen of Hearts by Jami Denise


Title:  Queen of Hearts

Series:  The Jayne Series Book #2

Author:  Jami Denise

Rating:  B+

With a broken heart and nothing to lose, Jayne King leaves Las Vegas, running from the only man she ever loved. He used her. Lied to her. Got her father killed. Cost her everything. 
All she wants is to start over somewhere new and escape her past. She finally finds a place to plant roots, and someone she can trust. But she should’ve known that when Flynn said he’d never give up on her, he meant it. Just when she thinks she’s safe after almost a year on the run, the past catches up with her and she finds out that everything she believed in was false. Once again, she’s caught up in a game—but this time, she intends to win. After all, the queen always beats a spade.  Flynn Maguire always got what he wanted, until he fell in love with Jayne King. He has no intentions of letting her get away, but with a woman like Jayne, he knows he’s got to play his cards just right. He had no choice but to watch her walk out of his life, but he planned on getting her back at any cost, including taking down his own father. He soon finds out there is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned. 

Review:  I absolutely loved book one of this series See Jayne Play (reviewed with an A+ ), so you can imagine that I have been anxiously awaiting this next installment!  It was a bit slow to get started for me, and I had a hard time really getting into it.  After all the drama, and the way things ended in the first one, I was looking forward to a quick start that jumps right in there.  I knew Jayne left Las Vegas, but the whole beginning was just a huge footnote that I really didn’t see much point in dragging out.  Once she makes the decision to go back to Vegas, things start picking up, and we fall back into that story and writing style that I know and love.  I had been waiting for Flynn  to make his appearance, and perhaps that’s why I had a hard time getting into it at first.  As always though, Jami Denise manages to tell a spellbinding tale that has a hefty dose of realism to it that really gives it a style of its own.  Can’t wait for more from her!


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