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Moonlight by Katie Salidas

818G6f7fJGL._SL1500_Title:  Moonlight (novella)

Series:  Immortalis Vampire Series Book #5

Author:  Katie Salidas

Rating:  C

Good girls don’t wear fur or fight over men, and they certainly don’t run around naked, howling at the moon.  But then, no-one ever called Fallon a good girl.  As a human unofficially mated to an Alpha werewolf, Fallon is being pressured to “become”… or be gone.  Her mate Aiden, the interim leader of the Olde Town Pack, is in a position that demands he either choose a wolf mate or leave the pack forever. No matter how hot the sex with Fallon is, he can’t ignore centuries of tradition.  Become a wolf or not: If only the choice were that simple! Fallon’s options are further clouded by the overt presence of other females desperate to be the Alpha’s mate. And when these bitches get serious, it’s not just claws that come out. If Fallon wants to keep her man and take the title, she’ll have to exert a little dominance of her own.

Review:  I am new to this series, and I had not realized that this was book 5 in a series before I started.  Given that, it was understandable that I found it a bit confusing at times.  I was also a bit confused and perturbed by the vibes I received while reading it as well – for the most part – at least to me – the story, dialogue, etc. read a bit like a new adult book, containing a certain level of immaturity.  However, it does contain adult content, and the odd mix of vibes from the book kindof left me not quite knowing what to think of it.  All in all, I will definitely have to go back and try reading from book one and see if that changes my perceptions somewhat.



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