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Past Week’s Most Anticipated

51CBTNP6diLSo, I have missed a few ‘Week’s Most Anticipated’….largely because I was frustrated at the lack of great releases those first few week’s of May.  Nothing really caught my eye – or had me downloading.  Needless to say, my kindle really needs to be fed…LOL  However, I realized I did miss a few that may just help me fix that problem.  One release that caught my eye was Mating Brand by Laurann Dohner.  This one actually released on May 20th, and being a fan of hers, I’m surprised I missed it.  Definitely one to be snatched up!

About the series:  It’s werewolf mating season. All the males are in heat and the driving, sexual lust of their beasts is almost uncontrollable….Mating Heat is preceded by Mate Set and His Purrfect Mate.

Blurb for Mating Brand:  Brand meets his dream girl in college—a half-human, half-leopard shapeshifter who cannot shift. Werewolves and cats are natural enemies but the power of their sexual chemistry overwhelms them. She steals his heart and makes him whole. When she abandons him it fractures his world and he knows no woman can ever take her place. Though many seek his attention, he is cold and unattainable.  The love they share is soul deep but the fate of Charma’s family lies in her hands. The memory of every heated touch they share will cut out both their hearts when she leaves him but to save them all, she must run. After nine years of desolation and heartbreak Charma is back. She risks forfeiting her life to warn Brand of an impending attack but she doesn’t hesitate. Brand has her in his arms once more and he will never lose her again.

Another book that has caught my attention is A Rebel’s Heart by Lia Davis, that came out on May 24th.  I love her Ashwood Falls series, and will snatch up any title from it!

About the series:  There comes a time when setting your differences aside isn’t just necessary, it’s a means of survival. After losing over half of their dens to a group rogue shifters, the wolves and leopards merged as one Pack, but living together is much more of a challenge then they expected.  A Rebel’s Heart is preceded by Winter Eve (novella), A Tiger’s Claim, A Mating Dance, and Surrendering to the Alpha.

Blurb for A Rebel’s Heart:  Widow and mother of five full grown males, Sarah Matthews lives the best she can—one day at a time. Now that her babies are having babies, she relishes in spoiling her grandkids. But her inner mountain lion is restless and Sarah can’t shake the feeling something is lurking in the woods surrounding her home. The unease becomes a reality when a man she thought died with her mate five years ago comes back into her life with trouble on his heels.
Damian Palmer never considered revealing his existence to his best friend’s widow. Hell he didn’t know how she’d react to knowing that he was alive for the last five years while her human mate was dead. When he got word that Sarah has become Shield’s—a human rebel organization set up to hunt and kill shapeshifters—next victim, he must go to her and uphold his best friend’s dying wish to keep Sarah safe.
Buried pain, old lies, and dangerous secrets aren’t enough to keep the sparks from flying as they try to survive a new threat against their race.


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