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Beers, Hens, and Irishmen by Meghan Quinn


Title:  Beers, Hens, and Irishmen

Series:  Warbler’s Point Series Book #1

Author:  Meghan Quinn

Rating:  B-

Fiona O’Leary wants nothing more than to flee away from the small town she grew up in, her three extremely over protective brothers, and her Irish parents. But leaving Warblers Point is not that simple, especially when she is the bar maid at the local pub she owns with her three brothers. After a two year relationship with local Irishman, Murphy Ryan, sharing nothing but each other’s beds, she realizes she wants more out of a relationship besides sex. But somehow she keeps winding up in his arms wishing she could break away but finds the task impossible when her family is head over heels in love of the idea of Murphy and Fiona together.  Booker Hall, world re-known director, finds himself living an empty and unfulfilled life. The people around him are fake, narcissistic and only care about his money. In an act of desperation he decides to enlist his sister for some help, give himself a makeover and go to a place where no one would recognize him. Never did he think he was going to fall in love with an unsuspecting bar maid with whiskey colored eyes and an over-bearing family.  The minute Fiona lays eyes on Booker, she knows she is sunk. His devilish grin, movie star looks and charming heart are hard to avoid and she constantly finds herself gravitating toward him. The only bad thing about Booker is that he is a tourist and living in a touristy town she has learned that getting involved with a non-local only brings heartache. Instead of giving into Booker, she finds herself debating which relationship is safer; an empty relationship but fulfilling sex life with Murphy or a deep and meaningful relationship with Booker that could only bring heartache.  Beers, Hens and Irishmen dives into the complexity of Fiona’s love life, the crazy antics of her three brothers, as well as her two overbearing and heavily Irish speaking parents. Fists fly, hearts are broken, beer is guzzled and deceit is formed amongst comrades while the O’Leary’s take over Warblers Point in the search for love and what makes them happy.

Review:  This was a really good romance.  It focused a lot more on the surrounding characters than I would have thought originally.  I thought they may have been introduced enough to provide build-up for future books in the series, but it actually focused a little on everyone.  It felt more like an ongoing saga to me, and  I mention that only because not everyone might like the ‘feel’ of that in their books.  For me, it seemed to detract a little from the main characters and kept me from really connecting with the characters.

A few other little things bothered me about the book, but those are mostly personal quirks – while I love a good Scottish hero, or a story around a Scottish background, but reading their ‘brogue’ in every character’s dialogue becomes a bit annoying for me.  There is only so much ‘yer’, ‘tae’, ‘nae’, and ‘lassie’ that I can take – at least in a written format – before it makes me disgruntled with the book.  I also don’t generally care for the constant switching in the points of view.  Overall, not a bad book – not quite my cup of tea, but I imagine most people would really enjoy it.

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