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The Changeling Soldier by Shona Husk

cover48741-mediumTitle:  The Changeling Soldier

Series:  Annwyn Series Book #2.5 (novella)

Author:  Shona Husk

Rating:  B-

Her time in the mortal world is running out…

After fleeing Annwyn three centuries ago, Ella built a life in the mortal world making gowns for European royalty and playing in mortal intrigues. Now those Courts are long gone, and she dresses Hollywood starlets. Mortals come and go, but Ella always ends up alone. She longs for the home she left behind.

He’s been dreaming of the coming battle all his life…

Isaac Norton is a returned soldier. Now home, he’s restless and his recurring dream is becoming more frequent: he’s fighting on a snow-covered field stained with blue blood. When he sees Ella, he knows she isn’t human. And she knows what he is, a changeling.

Ella can give Isaac the answers he needs, but there will be a price to pay: his soul.

Review:  This is a new author for, and I have to say I definitely plan on reading more from her.  The blurb really caught me as something a little different from my usual read, and I was intrigued with the world of Annwyn.  And that didn’t change with the reading of this novella.  While the majority of the book (other than dreams) takes place on Earth rather than in Annwyn, it was enough to leave me wanting to get to know more about this world – and this series.  I definitely plan to backtrack and read the first book in this series, Outcast Prince.

That being said, it was not without its faults.  First off that it is novella length.  We spend the whole book leading up to Isaac making his way with Ella to Annwyn – just as fate intends – but then we are just abruptly dumped at the end that leaves us with far more questions than answers.  Great potential, but the end left me wondering what in the world happened.  I hope this is cleared up in the next book in the series, and that we get another book featuring Isaac and Ella.  My other complaint is really Isaac’s sister – which is totally bat shit crazy…LOL  While it fit with the story, I thought she was a bit too predictable, cliché, and over-the-top.

But I still find myself wanting more from this world and this series.  Can’t wait to read more!



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