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Gun Shy by Eleri Stone

“I’d have credited you with a better imagination than that, Lieutenant. Or at least a dirtier one.”

91ss1MxqmnL._SL1500_Title:  Gun Shy

Author:  Eleri Stone

Rate:  A

Before the cure, Lieutenant Lyle Dalton’s job was simple: kill the Reapers. Now, under orders to inject all captured flesh eaters with the serum that restores their humanity, his Rangers at Fort Dougan face entirely new dangers. Someone wanted the Reaper cure badly enough to spill blood for it, and Lyle needs to steal it back if he hopes to hold the border.

Jane Fisher escaped Scraper crime boss Gideon Moore with only the clothes on her back. What he took from her can never be replaced, but her new home at Fort Dougan is the first safe one she’s known. Or was, until the remaining supply of serum was stolen, flown high into the mountains on Gideon’s command. Serving as Lyle’s guide through Scraper territory means revisiting her own personal hell, but it’s also an opportunity—for closure or revenge, Jane isn’t quite sure.

Beautiful, proud and haunted, Jane is a temptation Lyle’s worked hard to avoid. The mountains are the last place she needs to be. But if Jane can find the courage to face down a man like Gideon for the sake of the fort, no force on earth will keep Lyle from her side.

Thoughts:  I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with this book – I never am when it comes to Eleri Stone’s books.  But I was excited for this one, since I was such a fan of the first book in this series, Reaper’s Touch – and while reading that one, I had already been feverently hoping for more in this series.  So glad it didn’t end there!

Things have changed a little in this book – thanks to the efforts of Abby and Jake from book one, Reaper’s are no longer slaughtered.  Instead they are captured and given the ‘cure’ – which means much more work for the Rangers.  The ‘cure’ is already hard to come by, but when their last stashes of the drug are stolen, Lyle has no choice but to go after it.  Jane’s familiarity with the area makes her the perfect guide, but unfortunately revisiting her past is not a pleasant experience.  It also puts her and Lyle and much closer quarters and face-to-face with temptation.

I actually enjoyed the whole story and characters in this one a bit more than the first – which is really saying something!  This one can be read as a stand alone, without needing to read the first book.  I happen to like getting all the intricacies of the relationships from reading all the books in a series in order, but you won’t be lost if you don’t.  The downside?  There is not a lot of Reaper action in this one, at least compared to book one, so if you’re looking for a lot of that you might be a little disappointed.  Personally, I still loved it!

The first book, Reaper’s Touch, is available now (which I also rated with an A)


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