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Always the Quiet Ones by Cassandra Carr

“You know, I never really put a label on it, but yeah I guess I am.  The whole thrill of getting caught, the whole thrill of driving you crazy in a place where people could see us – it’s pretty hot.”

81h1m+PORGL._SL1500_Title:  Always the Quiet Ones

Author:  Cassandra Carr

Rate: D

King of the geeks Marty Johnston has a serious crush on his co-worker Elizabeth. The principal IT consultant wants more than just a flirtation, but guilt over a one-night-stand-but-maybe-more Marty had on his last business trip before meeting Elizabeth could cost him his big chance with the girl of his dreams. He’s comfortable dealing with computers, not people. Can he step way outside his comfort zone to sort things out, or will he lose the one he’s falling for?

Thoughts:  The blurb pulled me in immediately with this one, but I have to say it was not at all what I expected.  Considering Marty was supposed to have this “serious crush” on his co-worker …. well, I just didn’t get that vibe at all from this book.  I got only slightly more “relationship” undertones from Marty and Elizabeth as I did from Marty and his one-night-stand-but-maybe-more, Shelby!  The book was short, which in this case was a definite negative in terms of character development  – for it made the character come across as stale and boring, and unbelievable for the most part.  The story just wasn’t there for me with this one. 


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