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Tangled and Bound by Emily Ryan-Davis

“If you were mine, I wouldn’t cover you up with that blanket.  I’d make you spread your knees wide and lift your dress so anybody who looked could see how pretty and wet you are.”

cover55011-mediumTitle:  Tangled and Bound

Series:  Blue Room VIPs Book #3

Author:  Emily Ryan-Davis

Rate: B

The powerful, magnetic man seated beside Melanie Burke on a flight to Las Vegas could have walked straight out of one of Melanie’s dog-eared romance novels. When he strikes up a conversation with her on the late-evening flight, fictional fantasies become knee-weakening, panty-soaking, feminine-core-clenching reality…a reality she wants to revisit again and again. 
But when jaded club owner Sam Fletcher informs Melanie that his plans don’t include a long-term relationship with an impulsive young blonde for whom submission is more than likely a passing whim, Melanie throws herself into convincing him she is exactly the woman he wants, needs, and can’t live without.

Thoughts:  This erotic little tale certainly wastes no time diving right in…can you imagine meeting a stranger on a plane and letting him do naughty, wicked things to you?  Well, that is exactly what Melanie does…and it is certainly surreal!  It fits right with every erotic romance reader, as that is how their conversation starts – over a popular erotic novel she is reading on the plane – when he decides to make her curiosity become reality!  Unfortunately, it’s when the plane lands that things start to go a little haywire…..can they make their little bit fun in the sky turn into more?

This was a well written tale about Melanie who was looking to explore the BDSM world, and she found just the dom to do it in the more experienced Sam, who had a moment here or there where he could have stood being knocked down a peg or two.  He was a very likeable character, but in his mind Melanie was just going through a “phase” so he tried scaring her off at one point – which was certainly not his finest moment.  Melanie was great – she knew her mind, knew what she wanted – and she was determined not let anything phase her from that.  I admired her determination.  It was a well written book, and there are certainly some books that a that are out there of this genre that are super-popular that are much worse than this one – I won’t point out any titles (or colors).  Well, done…I’ll have to read more from this author and from this series…it certainly caught my attention that’s for sure…and I’ll definitely think about this book every time I board a plane, that’s for sure!…LOL


Geek Bearing Gifts by Milly Taiden

“Did you know…That your eyes are the color of smooth milk chocolate and as bright as a thousand stars?”

91oM86+0ZJL._SL1500_Title:  Geek Bearing Gifts

Author:  Milly Taiden

Rate: B

Nita Islas wants to find love. She’s tired of the superficial relationships and is ready to give true romance a try. She uses the Paranormal Dating Agency and hopes they can help her where all others have failed. What she didn’t expect was to find her date flat on his back in nothing more than a towel.
Ky Stone has been in love with curvy and funny Nita since they were in High School. When she moved away, she took his heart with her. Then one day Ky wakes up to find her leaning over him. He’s sure he’s died and gone to heaven. He has no idea what she’s doing there, but he’s sure as hell not letting her leave.
Fate, meddling family and the PDA have brought them together again. The chemistry between them is explosive. But there’s problems with Ky’s neighboring clan and he’s keeping secrets from Nita. He needs to find a way to open up to her or lies and unexpected danger could tear them apart…forever. 

Thoughts:  There were things I really liked about this book, but some things that really just didn’t work for me.  I love the whole ‘crush’ angle of the story, with Ky knowing that Nita was the one for him since they were teens.  What didn’t work for me?  The fact that she had a crush on Ky too, but yet doesn’t connect this Ty with the Ty of the past.  I mean, it doesn’t even cross her mind at all (not even a hint of, “Could this be…?  No, it can’t be!”)  Some things also just seemed thrown in to add conflict, but it was half-hearted.  Rival clan sneaking onto the bear clans land….fights and violence….repeat.  It just seemed there could have been a whole lot more to this story.  On all levels.

This would not be one of my favorites of Taiden’s work.  I loved the idea of it, but it just never came to fruition.  It was short, underdeveloped, and just left me wanting a whole lot more from this story.

Excerpt:  “So you see, I want a man that will be interested in me as a person. Not just for sex. Not for money, which I don’t have. Not for whatever he might think he can get out of me. I want to be wanted for the woman inside. And I sure as hell want to be wanted sexually too.”

Mrs. Wilder cocked her head to the side, staring at her with her soulful eyes. “Darling, there are many sides to you. Your beauty, your body, your wit, your abilities at work. What do you want to focus on if anything in particular?”

She leaned back on the sofa, the seat dipping under her butt. The leather squeaked with the weight of her body. “I want more than sex. Don’t get me wrong, sex is great.”

Mrs. Wilder snorted, her eyes turned bright with amusement. Her lips twisted in a smirk and a

small dimple showed on her right cheek. She appeared even younger when she smiled. “Sex is amazing when done correctly. Especially if he can figure out how to be all alpha and make your legs shake.”

Oh, damn! She choked on the cookie she’d taken a bite of, chocolate spewing from her lips with each cough. She picked up a napkin and tried to clear her throat. Mrs. Wilder was a freak.

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Full Circle by Chudney Thomas

“Is that code for watching a movie and jumping my bones?”

cover54277-mediumTitle:  Full Circle

Author:  Chudney Thomas

Rate: B

He’s waited years for her…In a pack of werewolves, a half human isn’t exactly at the top of the food chain. Half-human, half-werewolf, Ria Marlett knows her place in the pack. And she knows exactly how the pack’s alpha, Drake Neilson, views her; as a convenient lay. So far she’s managed to avoid his advances, but she knows his patience is growing thin. 
Now he’s ready to claim her…Ria does her best to avoid Drake, but the sexy woman can’t hide who she is. Tired of waiting, now he’ll do whatever it takes to win Ria, even woo her while dealing with rabid lone wolf attacks. With the pack in danger Ria is forced to face what Drake has been telling her all along, she just might be the strongest of the pack. 

Thoughts:  Okay – the bad news?  This is not going to be one of those stand out paranormal/shifter books that has you clamoring for more or has you raving about what an awesome read it was.  The good news?  It’s a decent read, short read that may just get better as the series goes on.

If I’m being honest, this one falls a little into forgettable territory.  In a genre with shifters and supernatural beings – that is rife with so many possibilities – there is nothing that really stands out.  There is not a whole lot of action or drama…mostly just Drake trying to convince Ria that she is his mate.  What ground the author gains with the character of Drake, she loses with Ria.  I didn’t mind so much that she was a half-human/half-werewolf….she could still be a strong character.  Unfortunately, she comes across as submissive, a doormat, and not capable of leading along-side the alpha.  While I get that the Pack is supposed to see her that way, and that Drake sees more, I want to see what he sees in her….I want the author to show me the hidden depths of her character.  Now, of course, this is a really short read…only 75 pages….which doesn’t really lend itself to that kind of character development.  Hopefully, we can see more growth of character (and of author) in future books in this series….and it is obvious that this is just meant to be the start of a bigger series.  Let’s hope the series gets better and better as it goes along…:)



Perfect Stranger by KB Alan

“No, sir.  Just you.  Just your orders.  And your touch.”

cover52758-mediumTitle:  Perfect Stranger

Author:  KB Alan

Rate: B

Dana goes into the BDSM club not quite sure what she needs in order to move forward with her life. When she discovers the club is hosting a charity auction, she makes a desperate plan. If she can secure one of the men being auctioned, maybe she can find the peace that she’s been looking for. A stranger with no expectations—it just might work.

Eric agrees to be part of the club’s annual charity auction because he’s between subs at the moment, and it’s for a good cause. He’s a Dom used to knowing what a sub needs in a scene with him and how best to provide it. But what happens when the thing a sub needs most is for Eric to drop to his knees at her feet?

This is a SHORT story (approximately 13k words)

Thoughts:  This is a sexy little short story about a women trying to get back into the BDSM scene after her former Dom dies.  She honestly planned to re-enter the scene slowly, but after her eyes lock onto Eric at a charity auction, she can’t help but bid on him!  But what is she going to do with him not that she has two hours in his company – and the playroom of her choice to play in?

It’s always a bit iffy with these short stories for me – sometimes they feel incomplete, sometimes rushed, etc.  I enjoyed this one – however, it did feel a bit like someone just took out a few chapters of a full length novel and said, “Here you go!”  I wanted more – which is a good thing…:) The negative part?  It just seemed a bit incomplete to me.  I also didn’t feel a complete connection to the characters because of the length.  Additionally, considering the characters just met, it felt a bit unrealistic that Dana would confide so much into Eric.

All in all, it was good story and a good read – particularly if you’re looking for a quick read.  I would be very interested to see what the author can do with a full-length novel.  This was my first book by this author, but I will be looking for more by the author…:)

This is 2.5 in the Perfect Fit series and is preceded by Perfect Formation and Perfect Alignment.

Dissension by K.A.Salidas

91yn2LGniLL._SL1500_Title:  Dissension       

Series:  Book #1 in the Chronicles of the Uprising Series

Author:  K.A. Salidas

Rating:  B-

The great cataclysm wiped almost all life from the face of planet Earth, but tiny pockets of survivors crawled from the ashes, with only one thought: survival, at any cost.
But not all survivors were human.  In the dark, militant society that has risen in the aftermath, vampires, once thought to be mythical, have been assimilated and enslaved. Used for blood sport their lives are allowed to continue only for the entertainment of the masses. Reviled as savages, they are destined to serve out their immortal lives in the arena, as gladiators.
And there is no greater gladiator than Mira: undefeated, uncompromising…and seemingly unbreakable. When an escape attempt leads Mira into the path of Lucian Stavros, the city’s Regent, her destiny is changed forever.  Lucian, raised in a culture which both reviles and celebrates the savagery and inhumanity of vampires, finds Mira as intriguing as she is brash. An impulsive decision – to become Mira’s patron – changes more than just Lucian’s perception about vampire kind. The course of his life is altered in ways he could never have predicted – a life that is suddenly as expendable as hers.  Can Mira prove to Lucian that all is not as it seems? Can Lucian escape centuries of lies, bloodshed, and propaganda to see the truth? Or will the supreme power of the human overlords destroy them both? 

Review:  This novel was definitely an interesting take on vampires and the paranormal genre.  Basically, it’s a dark, dystopian tale about a world in which humans have subjugated vampires, forcing them to life in prisons and engage in life or death battles in a gladiator arena for their own perverted amusements.  Mira is tough chick – spending day in and day out fighting against her circumstances and those of her people.  Lucien, on the other hand, I felt as if we barely got to know before the ending of the book.  Which brings me to my main point of contention with this book – the ending.  There’s a cliffhanger, and then there is just those dump-you-right-in-the-middle-of-a-scene endings that totally rub me the wrong way – leaving you unfulfilled and just thoroughly ticked off.  This one is the latter.  Sure, I’m confident the next book picks right up where this one leaves up, but there is nothing I hate more than an unfulfilled ending to a book.  And the end of this one was enough to almost ruin the whole book for me.  To be honest, I would have rated it higher if not for the ending – so just be forewarned about that before starting it!


Body Games by Jessica Clare

body gamesTitle:  Body Games

Series:  Book #5 in the Game Series

Author:  Jessica Clare

Rating:  B

Annabelle Tucker is still reeling from last season’s Endurance Island, when the man she loved played her for a fool. When producers ask her back for a new season it’s the last thing she’s interested in…until she hears her ex, the gorgeous but duplicitous Kip, will be there. Revenge and a grand prize? Yes, please! 
But someone’s there to throw a kink into her plans. Someone tall and cut, and with the sexiest gray eyes. Jendan Abercrombie’s on an opposing team, but it doesn’t mean that Annabelle can’t lust after him, right? She’ll just have to save all that lusting for post-show, when she’s free to follow where her loins lead.
When a tribal twist puts them both on the same team – naked – will Annabelle be able to resist his very apparent charms? Or will she have to vote Jendan out to save her game?

Review:  I must admit, this title made for an interesting read!  It’s apparent if you read the blurb that this is sort of a roughly based book version of the television show Survivor (which I love by the way!)  Of course there are differences, but for all intents and purposes that is what it is….:)  So, of course, I had to give this series a try!  Granted, this is book five in the series, and I have yet to read the previous ones (the first of which is free on Amazon, by the way!)  That didn’t really hinder me when it came to reading the book at all though – was really easy to just jump right into it.

My only real complaint is the first person point of view.  My own personal opinion, of course…:)  I used to absolutely avoid anything told from first person POV, but now there are a few cases where it is pulled off beautifully and actually adds to the story.  In this case, it actually seemed to render a little bit of a disconnect for me when it came to the characters.  It’s one of those books where it’s a great story, but rather than feeling like a part of it you feel like you are on the outside looking in.  I will definitely be reading prior books in this series though, and reading any additional books to follow!

Excerpt:  “All right, guys,” Chip’s voice interrupted my self-loathing. “As I said before, everything you’re starting the game with is in that box right here.” He gestured at the row of colorful boxes lined up at his feet, each one no taller than his knee. “You’re not even allowed the clothes on your back. At the signal, find your box with your name and change into your gear. Once you have your gear, the game starts. This is your first challenge.”

I shivered. The game was beginning already. I was ready for this, though. All weekend, I’d brushed up on my skills that I’d learned from my last round on the island. I could make a decent fire with coconut fluff if given time and supplies. I was flexible and in shape. I studied puzzles and the local flora and fauna on the flight out so I wouldn’t be unawares. I was as ready as I could be.

“When I say go, you will change into your playing gear. Once you are changed, take your box and haul it across that line on the far side of the beach.” He pointed into the distance, and I could see a row of cameramen lined up next to a finish line with tiny waving flags. It was about a hundred yards away. Not a fun sprint, but a do-able one.

“The last team to change out of their clothing and into their Endurance Island gear will not be nominated for Judgment – they will be eliminated. Today is your first day in the game…and it will be the last for two players. This is immunity, Judgment, and execution all in one swoop.”

As a one, contestants started to cast confused looks at each other. We were all thinking the same thing – we were going to have to change clothes on the beach? In front of each other? Really? What the heck was up with that? This was national television, not cable, so I knew that any boobs or balls would be pixelated out, but I wasn’t relishing the thought of getting naked in front of anyone, much less fifteen other someones…

And an entire camera crew watching, to boot.

Okay. I told myself I could do this. I studied the box, thinking. Inside, there would probably be a team shirt designation or something along those lines. Maybe a slip dress. I could probably wiggle into something without flashing my boobs to the world.

“Everyone ready?” Chip raised his hand, a gleeful look on his face. He quickly lowered it. “Go!”

There was no time to think. Everyone hauled ass forward, sand spraying as sixteen pairs of feet ran toward the row of boxes across the beach. The wind whipped strands of hair into my eyes and Kip quickly shoved ahead of me. I slowed momentarily, letting the stampeding rush of bodies swarm ahead. It wouldn’t do me any good to push ahead of Kip only to be slammed to the ground by a rogue elbow. I trotted as close behind the others as I dared, and reached the colored boxes a few steps after the others.

My hands landed on my box the moment the first gasp of shock went up.

That made me jerk upright. I looked away from my box as I pulled off the lid, staring down at the line.

A woman was holding up a pair of sneakers and waving them in the air. “This is all that’s in my box!” Others were pulling off their lids and murmuring as well. No one sounded happy. For that matter, no one sounded like they knew what to do.

Others held up their items – no one had anything but shoes.

I tossed the lid of my yellow box aside. Sure enough, there was a pair of dainty yellow and white sneakers laid neatly inside my box. That was it. I picked them up and shook them out, in case there was a clue of some kind to where the rest of my gear might be hidden.

“I don’t understand,” Kip said. “No one has anything but shoes.”

“That’s right,” Chip boomed from nearby. “For this season of Endurance Island, you’ll be playing stripped of every luxury. And that includes clothing.”

body games teaser 1

The Changeling Soldier by Shona Husk

cover48741-mediumTitle:  The Changeling Soldier

Series:  Annwyn Series Book #2.5 (novella)

Author:  Shona Husk

Rating:  B-

Her time in the mortal world is running out…

After fleeing Annwyn three centuries ago, Ella built a life in the mortal world making gowns for European royalty and playing in mortal intrigues. Now those Courts are long gone, and she dresses Hollywood starlets. Mortals come and go, but Ella always ends up alone. She longs for the home she left behind.

He’s been dreaming of the coming battle all his life…

Isaac Norton is a returned soldier. Now home, he’s restless and his recurring dream is becoming more frequent: he’s fighting on a snow-covered field stained with blue blood. When he sees Ella, he knows she isn’t human. And she knows what he is, a changeling.

Ella can give Isaac the answers he needs, but there will be a price to pay: his soul.

Review:  This is a new author for, and I have to say I definitely plan on reading more from her.  The blurb really caught me as something a little different from my usual read, and I was intrigued with the world of Annwyn.  And that didn’t change with the reading of this novella.  While the majority of the book (other than dreams) takes place on Earth rather than in Annwyn, it was enough to leave me wanting to get to know more about this world – and this series.  I definitely plan to backtrack and read the first book in this series, Outcast Prince.

That being said, it was not without its faults.  First off that it is novella length.  We spend the whole book leading up to Isaac making his way with Ella to Annwyn – just as fate intends – but then we are just abruptly dumped at the end that leaves us with far more questions than answers.  Great potential, but the end left me wondering what in the world happened.  I hope this is cleared up in the next book in the series, and that we get another book featuring Isaac and Ella.  My other complaint is really Isaac’s sister – which is totally bat shit crazy…LOL  While it fit with the story, I thought she was a bit too predictable, cliché, and over-the-top.

But I still find myself wanting more from this world and this series.  Can’t wait to read more!


Queen of Hearts by Jami Denise


Title:  Queen of Hearts

Series:  The Jayne Series Book #2

Author:  Jami Denise

Rating:  B+

With a broken heart and nothing to lose, Jayne King leaves Las Vegas, running from the only man she ever loved. He used her. Lied to her. Got her father killed. Cost her everything. 
All she wants is to start over somewhere new and escape her past. She finally finds a place to plant roots, and someone she can trust. But she should’ve known that when Flynn said he’d never give up on her, he meant it. Just when she thinks she’s safe after almost a year on the run, the past catches up with her and she finds out that everything she believed in was false. Once again, she’s caught up in a game—but this time, she intends to win. After all, the queen always beats a spade.  Flynn Maguire always got what he wanted, until he fell in love with Jayne King. He has no intentions of letting her get away, but with a woman like Jayne, he knows he’s got to play his cards just right. He had no choice but to watch her walk out of his life, but he planned on getting her back at any cost, including taking down his own father. He soon finds out there is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned. 

Review:  I absolutely loved book one of this series See Jayne Play (reviewed with an A+ ), so you can imagine that I have been anxiously awaiting this next installment!  It was a bit slow to get started for me, and I had a hard time really getting into it.  After all the drama, and the way things ended in the first one, I was looking forward to a quick start that jumps right in there.  I knew Jayne left Las Vegas, but the whole beginning was just a huge footnote that I really didn’t see much point in dragging out.  Once she makes the decision to go back to Vegas, things start picking up, and we fall back into that story and writing style that I know and love.  I had been waiting for Flynn  to make his appearance, and perhaps that’s why I had a hard time getting into it at first.  As always though, Jami Denise manages to tell a spellbinding tale that has a hefty dose of realism to it that really gives it a style of its own.  Can’t wait for more from her!

Beers, Hens, and Irishmen by Meghan Quinn


Title:  Beers, Hens, and Irishmen

Series:  Warbler’s Point Series Book #1

Author:  Meghan Quinn

Rating:  B-

Fiona O’Leary wants nothing more than to flee away from the small town she grew up in, her three extremely over protective brothers, and her Irish parents. But leaving Warblers Point is not that simple, especially when she is the bar maid at the local pub she owns with her three brothers. After a two year relationship with local Irishman, Murphy Ryan, sharing nothing but each other’s beds, she realizes she wants more out of a relationship besides sex. But somehow she keeps winding up in his arms wishing she could break away but finds the task impossible when her family is head over heels in love of the idea of Murphy and Fiona together.  Booker Hall, world re-known director, finds himself living an empty and unfulfilled life. The people around him are fake, narcissistic and only care about his money. In an act of desperation he decides to enlist his sister for some help, give himself a makeover and go to a place where no one would recognize him. Never did he think he was going to fall in love with an unsuspecting bar maid with whiskey colored eyes and an over-bearing family.  The minute Fiona lays eyes on Booker, she knows she is sunk. His devilish grin, movie star looks and charming heart are hard to avoid and she constantly finds herself gravitating toward him. The only bad thing about Booker is that he is a tourist and living in a touristy town she has learned that getting involved with a non-local only brings heartache. Instead of giving into Booker, she finds herself debating which relationship is safer; an empty relationship but fulfilling sex life with Murphy or a deep and meaningful relationship with Booker that could only bring heartache.  Beers, Hens and Irishmen dives into the complexity of Fiona’s love life, the crazy antics of her three brothers, as well as her two overbearing and heavily Irish speaking parents. Fists fly, hearts are broken, beer is guzzled and deceit is formed amongst comrades while the O’Leary’s take over Warblers Point in the search for love and what makes them happy.

Review:  This was a really good romance.  It focused a lot more on the surrounding characters than I would have thought originally.  I thought they may have been introduced enough to provide build-up for future books in the series, but it actually focused a little on everyone.  It felt more like an ongoing saga to me, and  I mention that only because not everyone might like the ‘feel’ of that in their books.  For me, it seemed to detract a little from the main characters and kept me from really connecting with the characters.

A few other little things bothered me about the book, but those are mostly personal quirks – while I love a good Scottish hero, or a story around a Scottish background, but reading their ‘brogue’ in every character’s dialogue becomes a bit annoying for me.  There is only so much ‘yer’, ‘tae’, ‘nae’, and ‘lassie’ that I can take – at least in a written format – before it makes me disgruntled with the book.  I also don’t generally care for the constant switching in the points of view.  Overall, not a bad book – not quite my cup of tea, but I imagine most people would really enjoy it.

excerpt bhirish

Buy Links:  Amazon   


irishmen excerpt

Lone Wolf’s Captive by Sherilee Gray

cover42531-medium (1)Title:  Lone Wolf’s Captive (novella)

Series:  N/A

Author:  Sherilee Gray

Rating:  B+

He let her father chase him off once, but this time nothing is getting in his way.  Fletcher Stone was forced out of the pack life, and now he makes his living as a hired thug, living day-to-day without honor or commitments. Shame over his choices and his lifestyle keep him from returning to the pack to claim Delaney — the woman who holds his heart. But when a rival pack hires him to kidnap her, Fletcher takes his chance. Now he must convince her that he never wanted to leave…and reveal a betrayal that will break her heart.  Delaney Jones has spent the last five years convinced the man she loves is dead. Nothing else would keep him from her. So when Fletcher shows up, whole, healthy, and very much alive, she’s devastated — and pissed off. He broke her heart once and he’s never going to get close enough to do it again.

Review:  For those who are big paranormal fans, this is a surprisingly good novella.  It may be short in length, but it’s not short in delivery – which is usually my issue with novellas.  It’s not a build up for a bigger novel that leaves you hanging with a lot of unanswered questions, and there are not huge gaps in plot or character development.  I enjoyed the storyline – even though it was a bit on the predictable side in some aspects.  What really brings this one to life is the characters are their intense desire, need, and love for one another.  I would love to see more from this author, and I look forward to more of her works!

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