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Part-Time Reaper by Casse Narome

71rgFwwfgDL._SL1500_Title:  Part Time Reaper

Series:  Reaper Tag Em’ and Bag Em’ series

Author:  Casse Narome

Rating:  D

Shaina has 99 problems and death ain’t one…Well, actually it is. She is the newest reaper. Shaina’s partner is her ex best friend as well as her former boyfriend who disappeared without a goodbye four years ago. Her current boyfriend isn’t a boy at all but an ancient angel with a defect. He has never heard the voice of God.  Yeshua has a place in her soul and he refuses to let go while Samuel possesses her body and leaves her craving more but who will win Shaina’s heart?  Headaches, heartbreaks and mayhem…Yeah, Shaina has 99 problems but Death is the least of them.  Will Shaina be able to heal her shattered heart and save his lost soul?

Review:  Ok, first off I’m going to say that New Adult is a bit of a ‘touch and go’ genre.  I have read some that I absolutely LOVE, and some…well, not so much.  Unfortunately this one fell a bit in the latter category for me.  The premise was a good one…but the characters just ruined it completely for me.  An issue I have with most of the New Adult titles is that I read them and the characters just have a major immaturity problem.  I would expect this maturity level in the Young Adult genre….but come on!  Even YA characters are more mature than most of the New Adult ones!  And Shaina was a classic example of this.  I honestly had trouble making through the book.  Of course, there were moments when I would think that the book was going to get past all that, but it always seemed to delve back into childish behaviors that -unfortunately- seems rampant in the New Adult genre.  I was really hoping that this was sort of an exaggeration in the beginning – to kind of show how far her character has come, how much she has grown, but it just never really happened.  I may try other titles from this author, but not anymore of the New Adult ones.




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